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Favre Did Nothing Illegal

19 10 2010 0 Comment

Even if the accusations being tossed Brett Favre’s way are true, no laws were broken. Did he use poor judgment? Probably. Did he do something unethical or immoral? It depends on his relationship with his wife and family. Sexting Jenn Sterger while both were employees of the New York Jets may have violated team rules regarding fraternization but both are adults and it doesn’t appear that any laws were broken. Sterger has refused to comment on the situation as has Favre. If both would like to put this matter behind them they should be allowed to do so. Worse things have happened in the workplace. If Favre wasn’t a star quarterback in the NFL would anybody be talking about it? Probably not. The NFL interviewed Favre over the allegations. Hopefully they will let it die so that Brett can concentrate on the remainder of the season. At 2-4, Favre and the Vikings need to focus on football.

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